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2D to 3D CAD Conversion

You provide us the 2D drawing(s) on any medium, Mylar, hand drawing, and we will scan your large format engineering drawings. Or you send us your existing scanned files in any format (PDF, JPG, Ping, Tiff, DWG, DXF along with compressed files), and we can work with these directly.

In return, we provide you with accurate, intelligent, feature-rich, CAD Perfect™ 3D CAD models in your native CAD system and file format.   


Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering process in the CAD industry stands for the recreation of the full set of production documents for existing physical objects. With more than 30-years of service, we can recreate design intent from the smallest pieces of engineering data available, all of the way to entire aircraft or buildings. Get your part and assembly CAD models as if they were provided by their original designer from your physical parts.


3D CAD Conversion

3D CAD Conversion is the process of converting a 2D drawing into a 3D model. CAD Data Conversion is a medium of exchange for establishing a line of communication among multiple CAD applications and systems. We can make seamless CAD conversions leaving all your original model trees and assembly mates intact


CNC Ready Models

After modeling your part, we will work on providing NC code that you can excute on your CNC machine, we will generate the code file and simulate it in our softwares to make sure that it runs exactly like it should do. 


Projects we've done

Single Mast climber
Suspended Working Platform
Double Mast Climber
Suspended Working Platform


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